Where the world goes to when it wants to get out of the world!

1-IMG_3484Since time immemorial climbing a mountain top has been associated with spiritual quest and enlightenment. A solitary search for purpose and some undefinable yet experienced meaning of life. There is a bit of magic in the mountains. A bit of mystery. Wonderment and awe. They stand like the midway points between heaven and earth. Calling the seer, the saint, and the seeker alike to some secret adventure. And as adventurers – trekking-enthusiasts, wild-life photographers, bird-watchers, artists, thinkers, writers, geologists, anthropologists, archaeologists –  the soul of the seekers have coveted the Coorg mountain tops and valleys with equal faith and fervour. Cause in here lies a history that pre-dates Alexander the Great, a world filled with stories yet untold, and the mystical murmurs of trees that are hundreds of years old. For the explorer Honey Valley Estate is a transit point on the way to little and large secrets of the mountain tops, the rainforest, waterfalls, and meandering streams that sustain the magnificent jungle life. Its perched 4,250 ft above Shopping Malls, City Streets, Neon Signs, Discotheques, Beauty Parlours, Bill Boards, Cable TV, Fast Food, 9-5, the Rat Race, Rush Hour, Deadlines, Traffic Jams, the Daily Grind, and the Keeping Up With. A secluded sojourn it is, for the beginning of your journey into the depths of your own soul.

Welcome to Honey Valley. The mountains are calling.


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