About Us


Thank you for your interest in Honey Valley. We cherish it. Honey Valley is a home stay situated at a seclude base of the tallest mountain in the region, surrounded by a large coffee estate, and water-bodies such as meandering streams, a swimming hole and bewitching waterfalls. We are one of the first home stays in India to have been listed in the Lonely Planet Travel Guide and continue to be listed as one of the best. We also enjoy a continued presence in the many of the Outlook Traveller Holiday and Travel Guides published annually.

Honey Valley did not start off as a Home Stay till 1994. It was one of the biggest apiaries in the region and the largest producer of honey in India with a harvest of 8.5 tonnes per annum. In 1994 a Thai sacbrood virus attack decimated the apiary and made large-scale production of honey impossible. That was the beginning of Honey Valley Home Stay. Since then we have played host to travellers from around the world, and taken up black pepper, cardamom and coffee cultivation as another occupation.

Today we have six separate buildings, two tribal huts and five tents within the compound and accommodate up to 55 guests a night. A fully staffed kitchen runs throughout the year to offer an eclectic mix of Kodava and South Indian cuisine. The estate has a private waterfall, 18 hiking trails, and an environment without air or noise pollution in the middle of the Rain Forests of South Coorg. Click here for a sneak preview of the property. People largely visit us to get away from the rigour and stress of city life, and experience nature at its best. The rain forest surrounding Honey Valley is home to over 50 varieties of birds, dozens of types of butterflies, wild boars, monkeys,  foxes, wild hares, and countless number of insects and flowers.  To encourage guests to step outside and explore nature we have kept out entertainment devices such as television or radio from the rooms.

You can reach us by coming up till Kabbinakad (base of the mountain). From Kabbinakad Honey Valley Home Stay is a 3.5 km uphill hike or a 20 minute 4×4 jeep trip away. Due to the treacherous nature of the road, which is nothing but cattle path in most places, regular vehicles cannot drive up to the home stay. While hiking provides a sneak preview to the wonder and beauty of the rain forest, we offer pick up service in our 4×4 Jeeps with trained drivers tor those who prefer to experience the 20 minutes of real offloading experience for a nominal charge. To keep the noise and air pollution, which causes incremental damage to nature and wildlife, as low as possible private 4×4 vehicles are not allowed inside the estate. All our guests are offered a secure parking space at Kabbinakad for their vehicles.

If you too are planning to take a break from the daily grind and deadlines you just might find a soothing sojourn at Honey Valley Home Stay. All of us here are committed to making your stay as homely and pleasant as possible. Once again, on behalf of the Chengappa family and the Honey Valley team, we thank you for your interest in Honey Valley and look forward to seeing you here soon.


Your hosts,
Mr. Suresh Chengappa
Mrs. Susheela Chengappa


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