Honey Valley is a non-luxury, D0-It-Yourself kind of place which encourages its guests to step out and explore the natural world consisting of rain forests, mountains and water bodies such as streams, swimming holes and waterfalls. Towards this end we have deliberately kept out distractions such as internet, televisions and radios from the home stay. However, post your hikes into the valley, if you wish to relax we have a chess board, carom, playing cards, cricket bat and ball, a badminton court (at our guest house, Chingaara), and TT table ( at Chingaara), and a well stocked library. You can request for a bonfire (Rs.400/-) is you so wish.

All family rooms come with a writing table, a mirror, wardrobe, attached toilet and bath, and hot water. Backpacker lodgings come a mirror, wardrobe, shared toilets and bath, and hot water.

Pick-ups from Kabbinakad (base of the mountain) to Honey Valley is provided in our 4×4 jeeps on request (Rs.150/- per jeep per trip).  You can avail the jeep service upto Kabbinakad on your way back too.

A secure parking space is provided for guest vehicles at Kabinnakad at a nominal charge of Rs.25/- per vehicle.

While our all our meals are vegetarian and served buffet style in a common dining hall, you can place orders for non-veg items. On request we prepare chicken and famous local delicacuy – Coorg pork. Each costs Rs.120/- per portion.

As a house guest you are requested to cooperate by carrying your own luggage, and joining the rest of the guests in the common dining room for all meals.

While social drinking in not prohibited, loud boisterous revelry is not allowed inside the property. Neither is loud music.


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