Mt.Tadianadamol Trek

Mt.Tadianadamol Trek

A 24 km round-trip trek from Honey Valley that is physically exhausting, emotionally draining, and spiritually uplifting. The King of all treks in the region.

Mt. Tadiandamol is the reason backpackers, birdwatchers, hikers and nature lovers realised that there is more to Coorg than Madikeri. He has a pride of place in Coorg history. For centuries he has stood as a lone sentinel, towering over lesser peaks and serving as a landmark to seafarers. Over time, he has seen spices from Coorg being exchanged for salt in Kerala. He has observed also the later exchange of culture. How the open shrines of Coorg acquired the typical Kerala roof. And he watched the rain god Igguthappa, along with his brothers and sister, migrate from Kerala to Kodagu. Soon after, the sky darkened. Igguthappa had smiled. Along with him, he had brought rain. A Malabar whistling thrush, his blue-black coat ruffled, is caught unawares by the fat drops of rain and his melodious off-key whistle trapped inside his throat. And as you stand at the peak, Tadianadamol will cover himself in a giant white cloak and disappear from view… Now it is just you, the amplified sounds of a rainforests and a faint mountain trail, with no end in sight.

There is something awe-inspiring about the name itself. Derived from Malayalam to loosely mean ‘I’m the Tallest’ (Tadi means broad, yenda is mine and mol is top), Tadianadamol, at 5,730 ft, is the highest peak in Coorg and the second highest in Karnataka after Mullaiyanagiri in the Baba Budan Range. Tadianadamol lures trekkers with the promise of a glimpse of the coastline on a clear day. For the most part, the trek is gentle, but the last quarter is a steep climb. The trail from Honey Valley takes 3 hours 30 mins one way and passes through thick rainforest and scenic terrain. If you plan to attempt the trek, an early start is recommended.

If you require a lunch pack and/or a guide, please do inform us a day in advance.

Coorg Wildlife Society

Coorg Wildlife SocietyCoorg Wildlife Society is a community initiative to promote wildlife and environmental conservation in the region. Its efforts are primarily aimed at increasing awareness about the catchment area on the Cauvery River. The society organizes treks ( at a cost) to Pushpagiri, Brahmagiri Sanctuary and many other areas of Coorg. It also provides licences for angling in the Cauvery for a nominal cost. Though you must return your catch to the river, there is nothing as thrilling as catching a 30 – 40 kg mahseer if you are into fishing.